Solana Web3 development made easy

Single platform to develop and deploy Solana smart contracts effortlessly

Blockpulsar Blockchain data Aggregation API

Developing Web3 apps has never been easier

Blockpulsar handles smart contract code via Git or external integrations and makes smart-contract deployment, testing and automation seamless.

Data Integrations

CI/CD Automation

Continuously make releases without breaking your Agile process

Real time

Realtime data access

Instantly access real-time blockchain data and analyze it with us

Data Integrations

Scale Infinitely

Build a scalable application with our API

CI/CD Pipeline for Solana is ready to use

Blockpulsar has a preconfigured Solana Program builder with test automations. This makes Web3 development as cost-effective as modern non-blockchain applications.

Instant Aggregations

Powerful Abstraction

Deploy your Solana Rust Programs without even having Solana CLI installed

Track Results

Seamless KMS

Develop as many Solana Programs as you want and forget about Program Key Management

Save Time

Save Time

Release your blockchain app faster without having to worry about data scalability or performance

Incredibly simple API

We are focused on providing the simplest and most intuitive Blockchain API on the market. All our data responses are strictly typed, so there is less risk of error and no breaking changes between version upgrades. This simplicity and consistency helps us to make the best performing and scalable Blockchain API that you have ever experienced.

const web3 = require("@solana/web3.js");

// Establish new connect to websocket client
const connection = new web3.Connection(
  "<Yout Api Key>&secret=<Your API Secret>",

// Create a test wallet to listen to
const wallet = web3.Keypair.generate();

// Register a callback to listen to the wallet (ws subscription)
  ( updatedAccountInfo, context ) => console.log( 'Updated account info: ', updatedAccountInfo ),

connection.onSlotUpdate((slotUpdate) => {

Deploy Your First Solana Smart Contract Now!

Blockpulsar provides seamless abstraction layers for building and deploying Solana Programs (smart-contracts) without having to have local Solana Validator setup or complicated key management. You can focus on building an actual smart-contract logic, while we handle the rest.

Blockpulsar makes smart contract development simple, flexible and scalable by providing CI/CD for smart contracts.

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